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Watering Day

Today was watering day. Sounds funny to say we have a “day” for watering, but we are in a drought out here in New Mexico, and have been for a couple years. The future does not look very promising either. We had three good snow storms this past winter (6″ of snow or more = good and I KNOW my friends back East are laughing at me LOL) but we have not had any rain for over a month. So we conserve, we also have a 1200 gallon storage tank for emergencies, that we fill several times during the summer. We are very careful to follow a strict watering schedule. You might think in these conditions it would be impossible to grow our own food, but we have found a way. We have five raised bed vegetable gardens, three apple trees, two peach trees, and three other raised gardens where we planted three blueberry bushes, three raspberry bushes, a gooseberry bush and a black currant bush.

We have been very careful in our planning for placement of all of these plants. The Apples, and Peaches were placed in an area of the yard that one of our downspouts feeds, we always have grass in that area. We do water them, but only once a week. They are trenched and mulched deeply. The blueberry bushes, gooseberry, raspberries and raised bed gardens are all planted in our south garden, sheltered behind a wind fence. Sheltering plants from the fierce wind we have out here, mulching deeply and amending the soil with moisture absorbing crystals called Terra-Sorb all make growing our food easier in a drought plagued area. In addition, for these plants (once the danger of frost is past) we use soaker hoses. This type of gardening does take more thought and planning, but we have been blessed with good harvests. And what I cannot grow, I purchase from a local farm and farmer’s market.

Tomorrow is planting day and here are the plants awaiting their new dirt home: Potatoes, Jalapenos, Peppermint, Rosemary, Astilbe, Onions, Red Pepper and an upside down strawberry planter waiting for strawberry plants. We will also be planting our tomato plants one Plum, and one Beefsteak.

I always plant my tomatoes and peppers  a month early and actually I am a bit late this year. We use Teepees to protect them from frost and late snows.  You fill them with water, and they act like a warm blanket around your plants. They are such a great and ridiculously easy garden tool! Tomorrow I will share pics of our gardens. Hope you enjoy your day!