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Planting Day Has Arrived!

After having to postpone planting for a day, due to high winds yesterday, I awoke this morning hopeful that I could get my paws in the dirt today. But when I came out to the kitchen to check the temperature my face fell, it was barely 30 degrees out there! So I bundled up, went out to feed our horses and donkeys, fill stock tanks and clean the corral. I finished my outside chores and returned to the house to make coffee and my breakfast. With an eye on the thermometer, I began to read e-mail and FB. The hay delivery came and after jawin with the guys as they unloaded my hay, I realized, it was almost warm! Maybe I could plant today after all!

First up was planting the tree and bush we bought this weekend as they are the most labor intensive. Then it was on to planting tomatoes, peppers and figuring out my upside down strawberry planter! Had to make another run for more mulch and soil, wish our soil was rich enough to use, but it is not. We will amend it with compost , Coir and Terra-Sorb before planting our potatoes and strawberries.  Below are pics from today, of our garden boxes, my garden helper and garden area:

You cannot tell it by the expression on her face, but we had a lovely time together this afternoon and all in all it was a very productive day!