An Oasis On the High Plains

This morning DH and I went to Parker Farm Nursery. This family owned and run nursery is a treasure out here. It is a true oasis in a sea of brown. They are only open from April until July and these folks live and work on their farm. I was first introduced to this wonderful place two years ago by a fellow plant lover.

I mentioned Parker’s Farm Nursery in a previous post and as I promised I have pictures. We had gone to purchase some additional plants for our back garden. Unfortunately it was cloudy today, so some of the pics are dark, but hopefully you will get the general idea of why this place is so special.

So here is what it looks outside of the Nursery:

And here is what it looks like inside, so much is possible with hard work and love of the Earth…Enjoy! Then come join me over at the “Barn Hop!”


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