“Grow Where You Are Planted”

“Grow Where You Are Planted”. These five little words have so much depth to them! This quote has been a favorite of mine for many years. I have moved a bit over the years, and this has a special meaning to me. Because every where I have moved, I have tried to make the best of things. I have tried to focus on the good, I have not always been successful, but I have tried. I also believe that this means that where ever we are, we should improve ourselves, our environment, our lives. For me that translates into planting many beautiful growing things, cleaning up, fixing up, and making things better. But I think the most important thing it means to me is, we are each of us, responsible for our own happiness. So it is up to us to live in the here and now, to find our bliss, be happy and grow! I know I need reminding of this regularly and now I have one:

When I was searching where this quote came from I found there is much confusion as to it’s roots. It has been listed as a proverb, listed as originating from a bible chapter, 1 Corinthians 7:17-24, from Psalm 1.3, attributed to kitsch artist Mary Engelbreit, and St. Francis de Sales. Of all the roots I found,  I think I prefer St. Francis de Sales quote the best:

“Truly charity has no limit; for the love of God has been poured into our hearts
by His Spirit dwelling in each one of us, calling us to a life of devotion and inviting us to bloom in the garden where He has planted and directing us to radiate the beauty and spread the fragrance of His Providence.”

And while I am talking about planting and growing, I finally got to make use of one of my Christmas presents from my dear friend Kathleen.

It is called a “Topsy Turvey Strawberry Planter”. “Grow baby, Grow!”:


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